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  • I am a patient there. I had my orthodontic work finished right before Thanks Giving. It was right on time for my parent’s anniversary party. Everyone was talking about my smile. It was great to hear them. The staff are professional, helpful and accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments. They were very affordable and accommodating with my budget. All the workers there are easy to get along with and again very accommodating. Best of all was that I could go to any of the offices …Linda
    My daughter, Ashley, got her braces at Absolute Dental. She was in treatment for about a year and a half. Her treatment went on time and everything was great. The office location is nearby to my house and the hours were good, they fit her in with her sports and my work schedule. Now she wears retainers and goes back for retainer checks and now I have my son in treatment with them. I highly recommend the office. ThanksJackie
    Hi, my name is Shaina. I got my braces at Absolute Dental / Artistic Orthodontics, specifically the Cheyenne location. They have been absolutely wonderful from the moment I stepped into the office. Everyone was smiling and pleasant. The doctor was great and I had a lot of fun every time I went there. It is a happening place, love the feeling there when I go for my appointments. I got ceramic braces which were clear like Crystals. I am almost done with my braces and I am really happy I got…Shaina